Taking the tension out of “crosslapper” application

It was Habasit’s expertise with light conveyor belt material selection and joint types that helped a customer with a belt alignment problem. A manufacturer of high-performance fabrics, this customer makes geotextile permeable fabrics.

A typical example of the geotextiles requiring the use of a crosslapper belt

They are a long-established Habasit customer and produce these fabrics using a bespoke, unique crosslapper process.

“They were having problems with their web draft application i.e. where the material is pulled through the machine,” explains Richard Cole, Habasit Key Account Manager. “The difficulty was with the original belt, not supplied by Habasit, which was slipping, creasing and wrinkling and causing tensioning alignment issues.”

“It was a very wide belt requiring accurate longitudinal joining to achieve the width required for the customer’s application. To achieve this Habasit UK worked in partnership with our sister company in Germany to supply a belt of over eight metres wide that was also to the level of quality necessary to overcome the slipping, creasing and wrinkling issues that were experienced with the competitor’s product.”

To further ensure a successful installation, an alternative type of material was proposed. Antistatic and providing a constant coefficient of friction and gentle positive grip, this Habasit “crosslapper” belt material is also suitable for low noise applications.

The Habasit UK team also recommended an alternative joint that helped reduce any potentially expensive downtime. So far, the Habasit solution is running with less creasing and wrinkling and achieving a longer belt life.

In order to minimise potential handling issues with such a large belt an innovative packaging solution was also developed to supply the belt to the customer’s factory.

This customer’s requirements demonstrate that no project is insurmountable for the Habasit team. They have the experience, expertise and imagination to tackle everything – even an eight-metre wide belt!

Habasit is the market leader in the textile industry and its non-woven “crosslapper” belts are known in the market for excellent quality and high reliability. Habasit crosslapper belts offer a superior price/value ratio, outstanding release properties to the fibre web, and are quickly installed and put into operation. In addition, Habasit has a global service network providing expert customer support and on-site belt installation. (LC)

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