Hygienic Cheese Belt saves time and money

One of Habasit’s new belt materials is helping customers with reduced lead times when ordering as well as lowering cost.

Featuring the new WVT-166 material, this belt is non-fraying and replaces belts that previously needed fabric edges sealing on the side of the conveyor belt.

“The tradition in food factories has been to use thin blue polyurethane-topped fabric belts which are 1.2 mm thick but fray,” explains Adam Gilbert, Regional Sales Manager. “The problem is that the fabric breaks off and falls into food being processed, such as packets of crisps. The solution was to seal the edges of the fabric with a polyurethane material, but this added days onto the production time.”

The new Habasit belt material doesn’t fray even when cut. It consists of a felt-like material inner layer which is sealed top and bottom. It is food safe; FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved in the UK and Europe. “We have a large stock of this belt material in the UK and can service customers within three days from point of order,” adds Adam.

The belt is used in cheese sandwich, crisp production and meat processing such as shredding. One Habasit customer that uses the new belts is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in the Midlands that makes machines such as cheese cutters for the cheese industry. These machines are used in the cutting and grating of large blocks of cheese. It’s a process that involves breaking huge blocks of cheese down into 500 g blocks, slabs and chunks. Of course, these belts need to be hygienic without risk of contamination as mould would develop and fester.

“We upgraded these belts, replacing them with quick belts and reducing down-time and cost,” says Adam. “All conveyor belts Habasit produces for the food industry are designed to maximise run time and minimise sanitation problems and maintenance.”

Reducing fraying of belt edges is achieved with a combination of spun fabrics and non-fray knitwear making up the belt design. This limits the risk of tearing long fibres out of the coating layers, which substantially improves belt service life and food safety. This combination is also “nosebar” suitable, permitting use with tight transfers.

Whatever the type of food processing, Habasit has an extensive food conveyor and processing belt range on offer, featuring high quality coating materials suitable for all modern styles of food production. Release properties cater for even the stickiest foodstuff and belt coatings are abrasion and chemical resistant to cope with common cleaning agents and food ingredients. It’s clear to see that our belts deliver outstanding performance and a superior service life. (LC)

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