Habasit helps baking chain out of sticky situation

When Habasit helped a leading bakery “food-on-the-go” retailer that produces 28,000 doughnuts an hour, some smart operating efficiency was called for to ensure the customer could continue to supply its 1,950 shops.

The problem was the doughnut belt had started slipping and the full selection of butterscotch, salted caramel, iced and glazed ring, milk chocolate and jam doughnuts were “jamming” up the line.

The issue occurred where the doughnuts come along the line on a standard flat belt to a small incline conveyor to be packaged. At this point they started slipping, sliding down the belt and getting stuck.

What was needed was “grip” and the Habasit TT23 GP Blue is a Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) food grade hygienic belt with a slight grip pattern that assists product movement. Its special features include abrasion resistance, a high grip surface featuring a basket weave structure, oil and fat resistance and suitability for a small pulley diameter.

Solving this specific problem encouraged the customer to ask one of their local Habasit Belt Technicians to look at another issue they were facing. The doughnut sprinkler system, which adds multi coloured “hundreds and thousands“ of toppings on to each doughnut, was causing slip and uneven spread of the topping.

The existing belt, not supplied by Habasit, was a single ply PU so Habasit changed the belt material to its TT162 Matt Blue which is a Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). This is a two-ply abrasion resistant, non adhesive belt with the reverse side coated and it benefits from a pyramid structure as well as being suitable for a small diameter pulley.

TPU is a highly versatile elastomer – a polymer with viscosity and elasticity – providing superior performance and processing flexibility. Its hardness or softness can be customised to suit the application. It can be as soft as rubber or hard as rigid plastics. And the look and feel of TPU is versatile – it can be transparent or coloured and smooth to the touch or provide grip.

The customer is delighted and reports that the belt is allowing a better spread of the toppings, reducing waste and offering improvements to the finished doughnuts. They are committed to producing high quality products for their customers and the combination of first-class support from the Habasit team, perfect belting product / application selection, high standards & professionalism makes the ideal match.

Habasit offers a broad belting range for the bakery, biscuit and baked snacks processing industry. Other unique features include non-fray fabrics which improve product safety & avoid contamination, belt construction that absorbs moisture & resists humidity, coatings with excellent release properties & good airflow and temperature resistance for cooling, proofing and conveying goods at high temperatures. (LC)

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