Food Industry Insight – Habasit grabs a ‘pizza’ the action

When a chilled pizza manufacturer had a problem with sticky cheese Habasit came to the rescue with the installation of a Habasit Cleandrive™ friction drive conveying belt.

This large food manufacturer in the UK, has a significant share of the UK chilled pizza market. So any interruptions to production and enforced downtime must be avoided in order to keep major UK supermarket shelves stocked up with pepperoni and margherita pizzas.

The Habasit team were called in by the client to investigate the problem of excess cheese from pizza toppings getting stuck in a non Habasit belt. “Previous suppliers had fitted the wrong type of belt causing hygiene issues” explains Jo Barclay, Regional Sales Manager.

“It was a 2 Ply PU fabric-backed belt which allowed water/fat/oil to wick into the textile enabling bacteria to grow as excess cheese was recirculated to the hopper for reuse. Regular swab testing for Listeria by the client showed high levels of the bacteria which meant the machines had to be stopped and the belts cleaned or replaced every two weeks. The client was using approximately 25 belts a year at a cost of nearly £10,000!” “To avoid the presence of Listeria a smoother transfer of product between belts was necessary,” adds Jo.

“The customer was looking for less downtime spent cleaning and replacing belts and did not want to have to use a scraper to clean the belts.”

“Our solution was to install a Habasit Cleandrive™ Extruded Monolithic Belt, abrasion resistant on both sides, with mechanical fastener joints that would not create an environment for bacteria growth. This type of belt is easy to clean and more hygienic, it is easier to fit thanks to the mechnical fastener joint and the Aramide cords offer a big strength against belt elongation.”

Using Habasit Cleandrive™ would eliminate downtime, the belt would last longer and the customer would get a better return on investment, by saving over £8,000 on just this one belt.

Another important consideration for this then prospective customer to decide to use Habasit to solve their application problem was Habasit UK’s market leading Service Team. A highly experienced team with many years of product and application knowledge, they worked in partnership with the customer to make a successful installation, with the customer making special acknowledgement of how impressed they were with the speed and efficiency of the Habasit Service Team and also commented on how clean and tidy the new conveying belt looked.

“Since successfully completing the belt replacement for this customer they have asked us to look at the rest of their 2Ply PU belts,” says Jo. “The next ongoing project is to replace their proofer infeed belts and Habasit is pleased to accept this challenge and the opportunity to work further with this market leading and future-orientated customer.”

Via our leading range of Fabric, Plastic and Monolithic belting solutions Habasit are well positioned to serve all manners of conveying applications across the spectrum of industrial process markets: Habasit - Solutions in motion, put us to the test on your most difficult process improvement challenges, our success is your success. (LC)

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