Habasit bags global crisp production

Round the clock snack packaging producing 140 crisp bags per minute depends on quality, accuracy and efficiency, and according to Gary Vickers, Habasit UK Timing Belt Manager, it’s a shared commitment to these attributes that strengthens the relationship between Habasit and its customer Kenray Global, the forming set manufacturer.

“It’s a successful partnership in which Habasit’s timing belts complement Kenray’s manufacture of forming sets used in snack packaging machines for international customers who are leaders in the UK food and snack industry,” explains Gary who has 30 years’ experience of timing belts applications.

Kenray is a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of bespoke forming sets for Vertical, Form, Fill and Seal food and pharmaceutical packaging machines. Depending on the product, forming sets range from 26mm to 5ft tall in size.

Snack food bag formers for food products such as crisps, nuts, pretzels and popcorn account for a large proportion of the company’s output, which also includes formers for packing coffee, tea, fish food, dog treats and salad.

Forming sets are stainless steel funnels over which the foil or film wrapping material is shaped into bags during the filling process. Crisps, for example, are fed into the bags vertically. It’s a fast method for transferring a loose, dry product into air-tight, equal-sized packets designed to preserve food.

Habasit timing belts are a key element in this production process. “Habasit draw down timing belts are available in many different types of rubber backing all integrally moulded to give the best performance and quality to efficiently vertically draw down film in packaging machines to make bags,” says Gary.

“Holes and slots at different angles together with a vacuum process ensure accurate positioning and the production of up to 140 crisp bags per minute, 24-hours a day, seven days a week; apparently that’s enough to fill Wembley Stadium every day!”

“Our top quality belts and spares allow the machine to operate round the clock. Like Habasit, Kenray are heavily involved in design and technology, research and development to fine tune efficient production. It’s an excellent working relationship that we are all very proud of.” (LC)

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