Adam Gilbert steps up to new role with Habasit UK’s Sales Team

Adam Gilbert, Regional Sales Manager for the Midlands, says he’s gone from “knowing a little about everything as a ‘generalist’ to knowing everything about a specific field as a belting ‘specialist’”. His working life has been transformed over the last year since joining Habasit, a world market leader in the field of belting technology and power transmission, from his previous Sales role within a well known MRO engineering and technical services company in February 2018.

Adam’s new focus on product and application awareness of conveyor belt technology is a huge learning curve for him yet through his commitment and dedication to learning remains undaunted. His enthusiasm and dedication has been recognised by him accepting an expanded Sales responsible for a larger geographical area, that results in him now supporting large corporate customers such as Hovis, Warburtons, Nestle and Rolls Royce.

“There’s a lot to learn about the technical details of products & applications and I’m very grateful for all the support I’ve received from Bill Hoggans my manager, John Laing, UK Sales Director and the technical team,” he says.

To provide a ‘value adding’ service to his customers, Adam needs a lot of technical knowledge to perform his role and is quickly becoming familiar with different types of belt material and properties according to measurement, appearance and application. Adam says, ‘’for example, I have to ask myself, should the belt surface be grippy or slippy and what temperatures are involved for this particular customer’s unique application?” He says the trick is to know who to ask, whether it’s gaining support for his colleagues at the Regional Service Centre or from members of the Technical Sales and Application Team there is always someone able to assist – that’s the benefit of working with Habasit, as our customers (and fellow staff members) are able to call on the support of real experts in the field of belting and conveying technology and our industry leading know-how is leveraged in order to assist our customers to maximise the performance of their production facilities.

This access to expert knowledge from experienced colleagues is critical. A problem with a belt that either stops or slows down the manufacturing process can mean a customer losing as much as £4,000 to £10,000 per hour and it’s Habasit’s objective and passion to assist our customers to prevent such downtime events from occurring.

“A belt snapped at a food factory and the production line stopped which cost the producer ca. £4,000 per hour,” says Adam. “from notification of a breakdown situation, it took Habasit less than a day to fabricate, deliver and install a brand new belt. My job is to help customers improve productivity, save money and ensure that belts last longer – I enjoy and welcome providing this level of service to our customers.”

Adam is concentrating on settling into his new role, but he has ambitions for the future. “I’d like to possibly join a technical team, specialise in a particular category such as plastic modular belts or timing belts or become an industrial specialist or even move into higher management eventually… there’s plenty of opportunities!” he concludes. (LC)

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