Habasit helps shopping channel with product placement

Habasit has helped leading TV shopping channel QVC reduce the risk of human error on its packing and despatch lines at its massive distribution centre and warehouse in Knowsley, Liverpool.

More than eight million QVC customers have ordered products promoted on its TV channels, such as make up, sun tan lotion and clothing. In July 2017, nearly 50,000 Silent Night pure cotton pillows were sold in just 24 hours!

Orders are processed online 24-hours a day, seven days a week and new automated packing and despatch lines have increased efficiency and accuracy.

The new production line is bar code driven with products matching customer documents to goods prior to wrapping and labelling. The key to the success of this system is the consistent positioning of ordered goods by hand onto the first logistical conveyor belt.

“The new super-efficient packing line scans product bar codes, puts the invoice with the product, places the product in a bag, seals and labels it and sends it to the customer,” explains Richard Cole, Habasit Key Account Manager.

“It’s a brilliant solution but its success depends on the person at the start of the conveying line putting the product, such as a bottle of sun tan lotion, in the right place on the conveyor belt for the bar code reader. QVC were having problems getting this procedure right.”

Habasit develops, produces, manufactures and markets a market-leading range of belting technology products, solutions and advanced services for the light process industries which combine in-depth application know-how with unique and proven Fabric, Plastics and Monolithic product platforms – whatever the belting conveying application, we have the optimum solution for client’s industry and application-specific needs.

Accordingly, by leveraging our extensive application knowledge gained within many diverse industries, Habasit were successfully able to solve QVC’s problem. “Habasit were able to offer QVC a simple solution as we deal with similar issues in food processing, for example, the accurate placing of sandwich fillings on conveyor belts” adds Richard.

“We supplied a TT12AS Matt Green belt with two white lines equally spaced along the belt so that products can be placed accurately in line with the bar code scanner every time. The lines are clear to see, easy to clean and have enabled QVC to achieve its objectives of increased accuracy and reduced error such as product mismatch and wrong deliveries.”

This fast and accurate response to online customers has led to greater customer satisfaction and lower costs for QVC.

QVC’s Knowsley distribution centre is the size of more than eight football pitches. It despatched more than 17 million parcels last year. The company employs nearly 2,000 people between the Kirkby-based factory and TV studios in London. (LC)

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