Habasit solves textile manufacturer’s ‘sticky’ problem

Habasit drew on its world-wide knowledge and capabilities to find a solution to a sticky belt problem on a 24-year-old machine at Texon Non Woven, the shoe and trainer inner sole material manufacturer.

It was a matter for ‘Habadesk’, Habasit’s in-house knowledge forum, as Dominic Ross, Habasit Regional Service Manager North East, explains.

“I put in an information request and received feedback suggesting the problem could be caused by chemicals in the product migrating onto the belt. The customer had been having issues with product sticking to their crosslapper belt on start-up and intermittently during production. They had been unable to run at full speed for many months which was causing a massive amount of down-time and product waste.”

The problem was occurring at the lamination station where solid fibre sheets laid on top of each other are moved forwards and backwards and compacted. The stickiness was preventing this process from running correctly and the sheets were being pulled unevenly to one side creating masses of wastage and down-time.

“The running speed of the machine had to be reduced which impacted significantly on production figures, to the point where at least half a shift was lost!” adds Dominic.

“The machine was manufactured in 1994 and we had no prior knowledge of the workings of this machine. However, based on the Habasit Group’s extensive range of fabric, plastic and monolithic belting technology, I recommended our ENB-6EE processing belts, which are chemical and abrasion resistant, flexible, light and stable. We had no evidence to prove that this was the solution for Texon, but the customer was impressed with our knowledge and that we had come up with a possible solution in just two weeks. They had confidence in us so decided to take the informed risk.”

Two belts were supplied and installed and the machine started production at full speed and with zero issues. The customer was delighted and commented: “The production figures are the highest they have been for a long time. I think we can conclude this has been a success. Thank you very much for all the work you and your team have put into this job - it is very much appreciated.”

Habasit Crosslapper belts are known for their excellent quality and high reliability. They offer a superior price/value ratio, outstanding release properties to the fibre web, and are quickly installed and put into operation. (LC)

For more information on Habasit Crosslapper belts and the global service network providing expert customer support and on-site belt installation go to www.habasit.com/en/nonwovens.htm

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