Habasit’s polyethylene belt best thing since sliced bread

When a UK bread baking company had problems with a faulty conveyor belt Habasit experts came to the rescue.

Loaves of bread were sliding down the plastic modular decline conveyor uncontrollably causing back-ups and blockages in the slicers. Bread was being damaged and misshapen and production interrupted.

The problem with this polypropylene belt material, supplied by a third party, was a lack of grip at a crucial stage in the production line. And with 1,400 to 1,500 loaves of bread per hour being transported by the application it was a serious issue.

Chris Baillie, Habasit Regional Sales Manager and a Habasit Technical Manager visited the site and, after some deliberation, and calling on years of experience the Technical Manager decided that a polyethylene belt material was likely to be the best solution.

In search of the optimum solution to the customer’s application needs, various types of modular belt material were trialled until it was decided to supply the customer with the M1233PEBLUE Flush Grid 0.5” pitch belt. This is an open construction material used widely in the bread industry by major companies.

“Initially the polyethylene material is quite shiny and slippy too, but it becomes grippy over time” says Chris. “Constant wear and flour dust add grip to the belt. Polyethylene is a thermoplastic material, well suited to very low temperature, high impact applications. The key benefits of the M1233PEBLUE Flush Grid 0.5” are: an 18mm nose bar transfer, food approved material, excellent chemical resistance to acids and alkalines and superior cleanability.”

Chris went back to the site three weeks after installation of the new belt and the results were impressive. The belt had bedded in quickly and the loaves of bread were being delivered to the slicer in a controlled and accurate manner. Bread production was back in full swing and the customer was happy.

Habasit has an extensive food conveyor and processing belt range featuring high-quality coating materials suitable for all modern food production. As well as providing grippy belts where required Habasit offers belts with release properties even for very sticky foodstuff, wear and abrasion-resistant coatings, and sophisticated chemical resistance to cope with common cleaning agents and food ingredients. (LC)

For more information about Habasit food conveyor belts go to www.habasit.com/en/food-conveyor-belts.htm

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