Habasit helping your holidays go smoothly: Packed and prepared for the holidays

If you have yet to start packing for your summer holidays, rest assured that Habasit UK is already on the move to make your holiday run more smoothly. Belting technology is omnipresent within the airport industry and as with many leading airports, Newcastle International Airport has for many years used Habasit as their key belt providing and service partner. With over 4.5 million passengers annually traveling through its terminals, Newcastle was named the 10th busiest airport in the UK in 2015.

Newcastle International Airport is served by Habasit UK’s North East Regional Service Centre located in Gateshead and every year, Habasit prioritises preventative maintenance in the months leading up to the summer travel craze. From the moment the customer sets down their bag to the loading of the luggage onto the aircraft, Habasit belts carry the load from beginning to end. This requires the sturdiest and most reliable belt materials to ensure seamless transportation every hour of every day. For the airport industry, the surfaces of the belts must also meet strict standards of flame retardancy.

With over more than a 100 fabric belts of varying lengths set in motion, the slightest breakdown can cause major problems for the airport employees and passengers alike. That is why Habasit “flight-side approved” engineers regularly conduct scheduled preventative maintenance line walks during which they inspect the many miles of belting in search of the slightest damage or sign of potential breakdown.

What can’t be prevented, can be prepared for with fast and efficient reaction and belting replacement turnaround times. If a stray padlock or a broken suitcase handle becomes lodged in a conveyor, the entire system can be delayed. Located within easy reach of Newcastle International Airport, Habasit is ready 24 / 7 / 365 with all the necessary fabrication and installation equipment as well as on-call engineers with many years of experience.

Putting us to the test, Habasit was called on in the midst of one such breakdown when a non Habasit produced belt from a 3rd Party supplier failed during a weekend peak travel rush. Engineers arrived on the scene and a new Habasit belt was manufactured and installed within hours. This was only possible because of Habasit’s extensive nationwide network of Regional Service Centres staffed with knowledge and customer-focused resources.

As the years have passed, Habasit and the staff at Newcastle International Airport have established a strong collaboration. All of the technicians at Gateshead have undergone “flight side” security clearance requirements, as well as General Security Awareness Training (GSAT) in order to be able work on site at a moment’s notice. The airport is now undergoing further expansion which will include several more belts installed and maintained by Habasit.

Keeping things in motion is what Habasit is all about and this is never more important than when you are on your way to the holidays; Habasit – helping your holidays go smoothly.

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