Where customer is king

The Nottingham Service Centre has been offering round the clock assistance for nearly twenty-five years, and the manager, Simon Naylor, has been working there for almost as long. Although Habasit only had a few service centres before 2001, the company has since nearly doubled the number in the U.K.

“Customer is king,” Simon says. This is what he believes has made Habasit the top belting company in the nation. “We have a team that works well together, and we have access to national and international stock so that we are able to respond to every customer’s needs at breakneck speed.“

Amongst the employees at the Nottingham centre, there is nearly 100 years of compiled experience which is available 24/7 any day of the year. Each person on the team is trained in belt fabrication, as well as being certified as an on-site installation engineer. This means there is always someone on-call to provide a fast response for any breakdown situation.

Simon explains that the engineers have developed long term relationships with many local customers so that the team is familiar with their individual needs. “Someone can call and say they are having issues with the third belt down the line and right away we know which one they are talking about.”

Service at every step
The centre also provides regular maintenance and inspection. For larger customers, a resident belt engineer may be based on-site, while for other clients, it is sufficient to have their systems checked on a weekly or monthly basis. Depending on the size of the location, one site can mean monitoring up to 300 belts at a time. After the engineer has carefully checked the machines, they can recommend cleaning, repairs or replacement. If a new belt is necessary, the centre can quickly make the order and have the product installed by on-site engineers. If a job requires further assistance, qualified specialists can come from any of the call centres around the nation.

“We collaborate as one big team,” says Simon. While Habasit equally works with distributors and end-users, the service centres in the U.K. provide a unique model for the company. When a client contacts the Central Habasit Customer Care Department, their request is directed to the nearest service centre where someone is always on-call.

“What I enjoy most about the job is having someone come to you with a problem and being able to solve it right away,” Simon stated. “This is what I find most rewarding.”

Simon also encourages customers to use eHabasit online for extra support. This advanced technology allows customers to access the current record of their order, along with notes, service times, as well as easy viewing of the customer’s electronic signature.

At Nottingham Service Centre and beyond, a team is ready to assist you every step of the way.

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