HabaCHAIN® offers a unique solution to packing problem

Habasit is proud of its ability to provide our customers with the correct solutions to their belting needs. Not only are we interested in offering the optimum belt for an application, we are also aware of the needs of our customers in other areas such as hygiene. To allow us to do this, our technical sales team are utilised to offer a level of knowledge which is unsurpassed thanks to their years of practical industry experience. When this is coupled with our wide and varied product range we are able to offer our customers a solution which they may not have first thought of. This can be demonstrated in a recent enquiry from an OEM in the poultry industry who came to us asking for assistance in designing a conveyor which was both economical in cost and placed hygiene as a premium factor. Colin Westwater of our Technical Sales and Application Engineering team explains:

“The application saw empty boxes loaded on to the system at one end and travel down the conveyor to various filling stations where they were filled with raw chicken, eventually travelling down the line to the stacking area. The initial design used a 1" pitch belt but the layout, which consisted several corners and long straight sections, would have seen a further five "off" conveyors needed. This was not only expensive but raised issues of concern over hygiene.”

“The crates that were being used were similar to those that I had seen in a tray washing application, so using my experience of that industry I was able to recommend a solution which would be vastly superior in terms of hygiene and would also reduce the costs of the design and any future maintenance.”

“We offered the customer our Multiflex 1702 radius chain. Running chains alongside each other offered a simple open hygienic conveyor system. Because the corners no longer needed to be held down by wear strips, cleaning was made easier. The design of the chain meant we could reduce the number of drive units needed, making the initial cost more economic and saving further maintenance costs due to a reduction in moving parts. Even with the changes the design was still capable of meeting the required production volumes, meaning both the equipment manufacturer and end user were delighted with the solution.”

STEPHEN CLARKSales Support Administrator

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